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AAK Mission and Philosophy Statement

All About kids Montessori school bases its philosophy on high quality early childhood program. Our teaching philosophy integrates the theories of Montessori, Dewey, Piaget, Erickson, and Vygotsky. We believe it is important to meet the needs of the whole child by providing a safe, consistent, nurturing environment encouraging the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of children, while also responding to the needs of families. The unique personality, needs, abilities, and learning style of each child are accepted and appreciated, as the staff and parents work together in the best interests of the children. We emphasize socialization, building each child’s self esteem through play, the natural learning experience for children. All about kids Montessori schools staff works in partnership with parents to increase the child’s respect for her/himself and the rights of others. Regardless of your child’s stage of development, our goal is to promote three key developmental issues through interactions and curriculum: security, exploring and discovery, and identity.

Philosophically, Winnetka Community Nursery School strives to:

By providing a rich and creative curriculum, highly qualified staff, opportunities for parental involvement and partnership, a sense of school community, All About Kids Montessori School strives to be a model in excellence in early childhood education.

Educational Organization

Research has shown that most of the child’s potential for learning is established by age six. During these early years, children need a stimulating environment which will enable them build their own knowledge through many and varied opportunities to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. This includes opportunities to be “little scientists”, to explore and experiment, to question and guess, to fail and try again.Through research, we know that young children learn primarily through play. In play, children feel the freedom to try out new ideas, practice skills and imitate adult roles. As our teachers plan activities and direct opportunities for children to work together, children learn to get along with others and to feel about themselves. These experiences affect their growth and all other learning for the rest of their lives.

AAK Community

The school community at All About Kids is an inviting and welcoming one. Our parents and teachers feel a sense of partnership in guiding the learning process of the students here. There is ample opportunity for parent involvement in community events, governance and ambassadorship of the school.  Our facility is designed especially as a Montessori school.  Our classrooms are fully equipped with all the approved Montessori materials, filled with natural light and with access to outdoor play areas and gardens. Our school is an active member of Association Montessori International (AMI), also registered with the Illinois board of education and a licensed school with DCFS.

AAK  History

In 1995, All About Kids Montessori School bought the land, with the community support and several families connected our school was running in a short time. We are proud to say our school has grown from 10 students to 100 students. As a private and independent school, it has the freedom to determine its own direction and standards.
Our school was founded with a clear and distinct educational mission, and is run by a Board of Directors that makes decisions regarding the school's current operations and future direction in support of that mission.  Our facility is designed especially as a Montessori school. Our classrooms are fully equipped with all the approved Montessori materials, filled with natural light and with access to outdoor play areas and gardens.

We are registered with the Illinois Board of Education and licensed by DCFS. Montessori Curriculum is taught by the teachers who are active member of Association Montessori International - AMI.

AAK School Hours

School Hours
Daily: 6:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.

Half Day Montessori

Daily: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Extended Day

M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Please contact the school for different options for partial days.  Visiting hours by appointment: 9:00a.m-11:00a.m