Why All About Kids

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"Only 'normalized' children aided by their environment show in their subsequent development those wonderful powers that we describe: spontaneous discipline, continuous and happy work, and social sentiments of help and sympathy for others. "  By Maria Montessori


Our programs are modeled after the philosophy and pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori.As an educator, physician, social worker and scientist, she observed children at various ages and stages of development.Her work with children led to the development of specific environments and materials that cultivate the child’s own desire to learn.


At All About Kids we are fortunate to have a dedicated, enthusiastic and long-tenured staff, many of whom have earned advanced degrees beyond their Montessori certification.


The school community at All About Kids is an inviting and welcoming one.Our parents and teachers feel a sense of partnership in guiding the learning process of the students here.There is ample opportunity for parent involvement in community events, governance and ambassadorship of the school.


The architecture of our school was specifically designed as a Montessori school and has been visited by people from all over the nation as a model Montessori learning environment.

All About Kids Montessori, where each member of the community is valued, is truly a wonderful place for your child to learn and grow.

Classroom Volunteer

Parents are always welcome to visit and volunteer in the classroom. Providing volunteer time in the classroom offers parents the opportunity to observe children in a group, to spend time with children and to share special talents and ideas with children. Parents who would like to volunteer in the classroom attend one of the two orientation sessions offered in September. Please see Trupti Desai for more information. We ask that when working in the classroom you do not engage the teachers in lengthy conversations. The staff needs to direct their attention to the children. Instead, ask the teacher to call you to discuss any issues. Please arrange childcare for siblings on days that you plan to visit your child’s classroom.