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Testimonials from Parents:

May 17, 2002

Dear Ms Trupti

I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your childcare facility.

As you are aware, I have not hesitated to immediately remove my daughter, Syara, from other environment when I have felt uncomfortable with the quality of care then she is receiving. Since she has been enrolled at All About Kids, I have felt comfortable with the facility, the management, the teachers, and the educational program that she is involved with. You, in particular, have made every effort to ensure the each transition has been smooth, and have worked to ensure that our needs have been accommodated.

While I am excited about the construction of our new home in Bolingbrook, it is unfortunate that the move will require us to enroll Syara in another childcare facility in order for her to be bussed to her new elementary school.

Thank you and your team for all that has been done for Syara during her time at All About Kids.


Jeny Lee


December 12, 2003

Dear Trupti,

When you move to a new state where you have no family members other than your husband and children, first, it’s difficult to have to work and leave your children with someone you barely know. And secondly, it becomes more difficult to find a person or a set of people who will care for your children as you would.

When we moved here from St. Louis, Missouri in 1995, we moved from one child care center to another; thinking each time that all would be well and that our children would be cared for, nurtured, and schooled while we were at work. For the past five or six years, I can say with certainty that you and your staff have been unbelievably remarkable! Had we not found All About Kids, we probably would have still been searching for good child care community.

What is even more important is the fact that I cannot express the feeling of my children and what they have experienced while attending All About Kids Montessori is truly one in a million. And I am really glad that we happened upon your school. There’s not another one like it; at least not in this area. Whenever parents ask me about nursery schools, I always recommend All About Kids.

Enjoy the holidays! And may you, your family, your staff, and establishment continued to be favored in the sight of God.

Thank for having us.

Aleshia Jefferson.May 2007


Dear Ms. Trupti,

I just wanted to send you a letter to let you know how pleased I was with the care that Savannah received at All About Kids.

We chose All About Kids because of the exceptional learning environment that a Montessori school offers. We wanted Savannah to be challenged mentally and felt your facility was the best offered in the area.

Savannah has grown both mentally and socially during the year and half that she attended. The music and piano lessons offered here allowed her to stretch her abilities without causing her frustration.

Miss Neena provided Savannah with the skills needed to excel in her 1st grade year. (She has really progressed with her reading and now I catch her reading to herself.) We were nervous about sending Savannah to private kindergarten, but your caring and friendly staff helped to put us at ease. We are sure that the love of learning your staff instilled in Savannah will continue as she grows up.

Thank you and all the teachers for all the wonderful loving care!

Thanks again,

George and Sarah

Dear All About Kids

We just wanted to talk the time to thank you for everything you have done for our family. Callie has loved going to the school and has learned so much. You have given her great building blocks for which she will use as she continues on through life. We have been so impressed, along with our other family members, how she has matured intellectually and emotionally and has blossomed into a wonderful little girl. There is no doubt in our minds that this growth has been accomplished due greatly to all that you have done for her. I know she has only been there for a year but the immense development has been phenomenal. Again we want to express our gratitude.


Jennie and Graham Fairbank

Dear Trupti

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for what I feel is a wonderful job with my daughter Madeline. Having experienced two previous daycare centers, I can say that your operation is far superior. While the first was actually pretty good in their obvious care and attention to the children’s needs, you all still show a more sincere concern for the children that is manifested not only in the environment but in my daughter’s growth. I especially appreciate your approach to educating her. I am grateful for all your work and wanted to make sure you all knew that.



Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dear Miss Trupti and All About Kids Staff,

While we are happy to have found a new home in a nice city, we are so sad to have to move Emilie and Faith to a new school. You were all so compassionate and kind to the girls during their first few weeks. Your teachers have been wonderful with Faith during her “phases” and now she has really turned around. Emilie has excelled all the while. It has been a joy to see them flourish under your care & I cannot express how much my husband and I appreciate it.


The Gruben Family